Previous grants in Tuvalu

View past grant projects by our partner organisations in Tuvalu.

Since 2019, the Impact Fund has been focused on a range of thematic priority areas. These include COVID-19 response, gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI), climate action, organisational strengthening, and volunteer assignment support. Explore successful grant applications and projects from Tuvalu below. 

Climate Action (2021)

Funafuti Kaupule (Funafuti Town Council)

Fresh Food Security 

The Funafuti Kaupule project will support the development of a hydroponic system to grow vegetables. Participants will be trained to construct and manage hydroponic systems, improving their capacity to produce sustainable water-efficient food and matching seasonal conditions and demand. 

Sea level rise and storm surges increase the salinity of Tuvalu’s groundwater, making it unsuitable for crop irrigation. Seasonal fresh water scarcity also affects vegetable production. As a result, Tuvaluans dietary intake of fresh vegetables is low.  

With the support of the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund, this project will: 

  • conduct a survey of Funafale landholders to determine their priority crops, dietary preferences and resource needs 
  • purchase a small hydroponic demonstration system, gardening materials, tools and crops 
  • conduct a five-day workshop to train participants in the construction and management of a hydroponic system 
  • determine a suitable site for hydroponic and raised bed demonstration systems 
  • complete a cost/benefit study to compare the productivity of each growing system 
  • identify a partner organisation to manage the system. ‍‍

This project aims to build Tuvalu’s capacity and self-reliance in vegetable production. Participants will grow crops that are not affected by groundwater salinity and match seasonal conditions and demand. This project will provide a sound foundation for further expansion of sustainable water-efficient food production in Funafala. 

COVID-19 Response (2020)

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Operation Continuous Learning: professional community development

This project from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will help deliver resources to teachers and students across Tuvalu via television and radio while the impacts of COVID-19 continue.