Gender equality

We are commited to systematically working to promote and protect gender equality and women’s rights in all aspects of the program.

The Australian Volunteers Program believes that gender equality and women’s empowerment are essential for effective development.

We prioritise partnering with, and learning from, organisations working for gender equality and women’s rights. The program's approach to gender equality is partner-led and underpinned by upholding rights, raising voices, and investing in potential. This is complemented by broader efforts to work with men, women, boys, girls and people of diverse gender identities.

Learn more about our contributions to advancing gender equality by reading through our 2021 research summary on the topic

Questions on gender equality?

Contact our inclusion team to learn more about our approach to gender equality at

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Text: 3 ways you can take action for gender equality. The Australian Volunteers Program and Australian Aid logo sits below this text on a dark blue background.
Text: Learn Referral Pathways  Learn how to support and refer someone to services if they are experiencing gender based violence.
Text: Support Women’s Organisations Funding and supporting local women’s organisations ensures they can advocate and make decisions based on their own experiences and needs.
Text: Amplify Voices - Make sure the voices of women and girls are included in decision-making, Or, you can amplify the voices of women and feminists by positively participating in and sharing related media.